Groupe Beneteau is transforming its digital strategy in order to better connect its teams and processes in all functions of the company. In working to establish more digital congruency, it is looking to its technology partnerships, PTC and 4CAD, for support in creating a digital foundation using Product Lifecycle Management software. With this new technology, it hopes to facilitate greater efficiencies, faster onboarding, higher quality and greater product and service differentiation.

This week, Groupe Beneteau team members are attending LiveWorx, the annual PTC conference that educates companies on new cutting edge technology and facilitates global industry networking. Not just attending the event, but also functioning as a leader in the event, Groupe Beneteau is showcasing its vision for digital transformation with the Gran Turismo 40 on display, acting as a session speaker in the Global Partner Summit, and contributing to other initiatives that will drive digital continuity and global collaboration.